Sunday, March 6, 2011

Communing with The Beatles

This song has been popping up in my head and amongst my friends all week...

As such, in reply to a friend's question today...

"What if "love" is as much a figment of our imagination or some form of man-made concept as some believe God is? What if love is no more than a belief that allows us to feel good? Where are the facts and/or data that PROVE love is real and does exist?"

It sounds like you're asking how we could define love if we don't really know what love is... right?

I mean, we identify what we call "love" in the brain with the right stimuli.  I would call that stimuli "pleasure," personally.  There are different types of pleasure obviously, so what would you call the type of pleasure that is associated with the people/things we supposedly "love?"

I think "love" is a form of pleasure that comes in various levels and with an infinite number of confounding variables.

If we find someone who receives a similar pleasure from interacting with us and we do from interacting with them...  We want to stick around each other more.  For pleasure.  And we call it love.

(this is ignoring the physical pleasure part, mind you, though that area should be matched ideally, as well)

I think monogamy is difficult (ignoring the biological imperative differences b/n men and women) b/c our sensitivity to that pleasure decreases over time... Like an addiction.

I think some people are less addictive, or they just find that their pleasure stimulator can adapt...

For me, love is a drug.

What do you think?

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