Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'd like to clone myself instantly, and then kill the extra me at the end of the day.  That way, I get more stuff down around the office and home, and don't have to pay more to feed/shelter/clothe a second person.  Plus the various murderings would be satisfying, I'm sure.

Of course, then I'd need a back-up clone to clean up the mess...

Damn it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Political Budget Rant

Here's a response I wrote to a conservative anti-Obama guy on FB.  I wrote way too much and the guy probably couldn't care less.  So I'm posting it here to feel less like I wasted my time...


Not a big fan of social security, VA benefits or medicare?  Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm very much a liberal and really appreciated being able to use food stamps and unemployment for a few months when my life went to hell.

Real budget reform would involve eliminating tax cuts for the top 10% who have more than 50% of the wealth and don't *need* tax cuts, eliminating insurance businesses who are nothing but a profit-based middle man, taking money from both patients and doctors, and cutting back on defense spending where we over-compensate/overpay contracts to immoral companies who have little to no bidding competition.  The "Capitalism" model is bullshit in this country.  Companies are become monopolies more and more.  There is no *real* competition when everyone starts merging.

While I admit that fixing the monopoly issue is not an easy one, and do agree that government interference can often complicate things further.  No business is going to self-regulate when profits are to be had.  The BP oil spill was a great/horrible example of that.

Fixing health care is going to be a huge imperfect undertaking as well, but even those who can afford independent insurance are finding it lacking.  The "business" is failing its customers...but we're talking about people's lives as the fallout.

As for taxing the wealthy more...yeah, I'm a liberal.  It's not that people should "be punished for success."  It's that they should be punished for being greedy.  Not wanting to give back to your community and society at large is the selfish action that many wealthy people exhibit.  We need other people for more than just servants.  If we don't re-invest in our own people, what progress would ever be made in our society?

....At least Obama is TRYING to change things that need to be changed.  Cutting "entitlement programs" isn't the answer.  Kicking the weak, old, poor, sick by pulling their funding isn't the answer.  Sometimes I think most Republicans would be just as happy if half the population just died off from neglect.  Hell, that's the way it's going thanks to our shitty health care access.

...I'm done ranting. Sorry.  You probably don't care about anything I've said...


Oh, and I drew this today...

Here it is edited & cropped...better or worse?

Original Artwork to be found at! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ranting To The Choir...

Want to quote the bible verbatim and feel it means anything? Take a look at the contradictions with the flawed text. (see link below, if you dare)
7 minutes ago ·  ·  · 

    • Janae Smith Having had bits of the bible used against me and my friends all my life, the significance of this massive undertaking is immense.
      6 minutes ago · 

    • Janae Smith We also don't stone people for working on Sunday, sell our daughters into marriage or slavery, or burn animals as tribute anymore.

      How many people who TRULY KNOW the bible can possibly take it verbatim, ever?

      Keep your church and religion, use it for support and guidance, sure. BUT STOP USING IT AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE.

      As far as I'm concerned, "treating others as you'd like to be treated (or better, if you happen to like pain/humiliation)" is the simplest tenet for everyone. The fact that this same concept is found is every religion out there is no mistake.

      As such, I apologize if my words have frightened or upset anyone. All of you reading this are great people. I just needed to rant...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night...

Today is a video post, dedicated to the many wonderful dance scenes in movies.

One of the biggest impacts here.  Probably because I was quite young when I watched it and thought this was the pinnacle of romancing a woman.

I really enjoyed this movie, even though it wasn't the best... This scene was pretty intense, though.

So delightfully chaste in comparison... I really enjoyed the updated "Anna & The King" with  Jodi Foster. :)

Speaking of lovely women... ...whew.

No dancing seen here, but this song always makes me want to dance... ;)

While I LOVE the original (and all thing Audrey Hepburn), this remix adds some serious zing to this classic scene!  (I enjoyed those Gap Skinny Jeans commercials too, so I have no taste, apparently)

Hooray for Bollywood infiltration onto the main western stage! (and yay auto-tune?)

This scene gives me goosebumps.  Sometimes the music and attitude of a scene just destroy me, you know?  There were a LOT of movies like this that came out shortly after it did... Some seriously talented people out there...

You gotta love Quintin Tarantino... or not.  But I do.

Gotta have some Broadway stuff too!  (Couldn't find the actual scene, of course)

I enjoyed this movie too.  I can't afford to be a theatre-only purist, sorry.  Too much fun to be had!

Believe it or not, I was a big Sex And The City fan. I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode... Heh

The Disney movies at this time were true treasures.  I agree with the poster of this vid, I like this version better too. :)

The last video I want to post won't let me embed it, so here's the link to the classic Dirty Dancing end scene.

I gotta get out and dance more. :)

Sexuality and gender bending...

A friend asked me about my identity.  The way I talk comes across butch, but my pictures are more femme (loosely speaking)... I felt it was worth sharing, so here's what I said...


I dove right into the masculine side of things when I came out / 1st yr of college and all that... the hair and the clothes was such a relief. My body type has never made me feel comfortable in "girly" attire.

The last few years, I've been working on finding my self, what makes me happy, how I want to express myself. So began my rediscovery of the feminine.

I'm still so very masculine/butch in my mannerisms and actions. I proudly showed off a multi-tool I had hanging out in my purse (along with the ever-present pocket knife).

but yes, that is an astute observation. I'm giving myself the freedom to explore and seeing what sticks... I'll always hate makeup, though. :) And I can't shave down my broad shoulders and muscular body type. So Whatever.


I think the word "androgyny" would come into play by now... I've always identified strongly with that type. Obsessed with people like Annie Lennox & David Bowie from a young age. And now Tilda Swinton and that La Roux chick (and all these women are straight, funnily enough).

I think people have more issue with androgyny than the butch/femme types. Too confusing to figure out. People love their labels.

I've always felt that we are so attached to labels b/c it just makes life easier. If you can fit someone into a pre-conceived box in your head, then you've got them figured out. For casual, on-the-street type interactions, this is a practical (if limiting) approach. But once you start to get to know someone better, the labels tend to fall away.

That same epiphany that ignorant straight people have when they are informed that a friend they've known is gay. That gay person doesn't fit into their box-notion, so they either adjust the box or lose a friend, right?

This is why it's so important to be "out and proud" of least that's gradually becoming less of an issue. I wish more people understand why well-rounded representation in the media is so important.

We don't all (or most) fit into The L-Word universe (unless you live in LA, right?), but at least it was exposure...


oh, btw...buying a purse (two actually) last year was a symbolic kind of thing for me. Now I'm very glad to not have to carry everything in my pockets. It's my "bag of holding." lol :) (I wish it wasn't so taboo for men to have bags/purses out here).

Our country as so much growing up to do. Only 200 years old, we (as a collective) act like up-tight, judgmental & reckless teenagers.


That is all.

(Not really)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amateur Porn - and Other Snowed-In Activities

I keep a bunch (read - handful grabbed at the florist section at Safeway) of Eucalyptus in the back seat of my car as a kind of mild air-freshener.  I also keep a hoodie jacket back there too. ...right now I'm wearing the jacket and enjoying the smell of the eucalyptus on it.

That's all I got at the moment.  I'm exhausted all the time lately.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Ode to CostCo

Stop stopping in front of me tiny old asian women!  I don't want to crash into you and hurt you!


Today I escaped from work for a scoop of ice cream during the lunch break.  At the ice cream parlor (which also had gelato...what's Italian for "parlor?"), there was an old school Ms PacMan table-top arcade game!  25 cents a go and I was a very happy Janae.


Is it redundant that my cat likes to sleep between my legs...or just exceedingly apt?


I think I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Yay!


Videos I posted this evening in FB:


Last week I went for a bike (read: motorcycle) ride out to the ocean.  I stopped half way and made a video in the woods...  I'll upload it eventually and you can all pretend you're here!