Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night...

Today is a video post, dedicated to the many wonderful dance scenes in movies.

One of the biggest impacts here.  Probably because I was quite young when I watched it and thought this was the pinnacle of romancing a woman.

I really enjoyed this movie, even though it wasn't the best... This scene was pretty intense, though.

So delightfully chaste in comparison... I really enjoyed the updated "Anna & The King" with  Jodi Foster. :)

Speaking of lovely women... ...whew.

No dancing seen here, but this song always makes me want to dance... ;)

While I LOVE the original (and all thing Audrey Hepburn), this remix adds some serious zing to this classic scene!  (I enjoyed those Gap Skinny Jeans commercials too, so I have no taste, apparently)

Hooray for Bollywood infiltration onto the main western stage! (and yay auto-tune?)

This scene gives me goosebumps.  Sometimes the music and attitude of a scene just destroy me, you know?  There were a LOT of movies like this that came out shortly after it did... Some seriously talented people out there...

You gotta love Quintin Tarantino... or not.  But I do.

Gotta have some Broadway stuff too!  (Couldn't find the actual scene, of course)

I enjoyed this movie too.  I can't afford to be a theatre-only purist, sorry.  Too much fun to be had!

Believe it or not, I was a big Sex And The City fan. I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode... Heh

The Disney movies at this time were true treasures.  I agree with the poster of this vid, I like this version better too. :)

The last video I want to post won't let me embed it, so here's the link to the classic Dirty Dancing end scene.

I gotta get out and dance more. :)

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