Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Ode to CostCo

Stop stopping in front of me tiny old asian women!  I don't want to crash into you and hurt you!


Today I escaped from work for a scoop of ice cream during the lunch break.  At the ice cream parlor (which also had gelato...what's Italian for "parlor?"), there was an old school Ms PacMan table-top arcade game!  25 cents a go and I was a very happy Janae.


Is it redundant that my cat likes to sleep between my legs...or just exceedingly apt?


I think I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Yay!


Videos I posted this evening in FB:


Last week I went for a bike (read: motorcycle) ride out to the ocean.  I stopped half way and made a video in the woods...  I'll upload it eventually and you can all pretend you're here!

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