Monday, January 31, 2011

An Honest-To-Dog Rant!

[Preface this all by knowing that I have been sick at home today (after a miserable 2-hours at work) due to another sinus infection.  Apparently I've entered the "Everything Is Chronic" stage of my life, because this bastard in my nose has been lurking since November.]

[[Btw, everytime I use Arial font I scream (to myself or in my head) "Ariel!" just like Sebastian did in The Little Mermaid.]]


I never understand people that buy the 4-pack Charmin at the Dollar Store each week...

First off, the paper is crap (har har) and just leaves puffs all over your ass.

Second, the rolls are good for about one day before they disappear. It's like FIVE sheets per roll, I swear to god.

Third - why is it always single dudes that buy this shit? Are their asses especially delicate?

Damn. I grew up with Scottissue 2-ply stuff that was the equivalent to using aluminum foil. And did I complain? NO! Because I didn't have fluff all over my ass afterwards!

[Thank you very much.  And if you haven't realized by now, my posts are quite often NSFW]



  1. I found your blog via Idle Primate (anyone who appreciates the Ape is gold in my books). As to toilet tissue, Charmin' was available here in La Suisse until a couple of months ago when it disappeared from the shelves, forever it would seem.
    And so now we make do with Hakle Quilts, which is very soft and doesn't leave fluff on my bum.

  2. Thanks for joining the inanity... Well, not always vapid, I hope...

    I assume these magical Quilts would have to imported? May be worth it...just to say I've tried it. Gotta have something to start conversations with...