Thursday, January 13, 2011

What do you call a guy who...

Per my friend Kelly:

  • Janae-Tim Minchin is funny too. [...] Tim....the name is definitely related to comedy..Tim Hawkins, Tim Minchin, Tim Conway, Tiny Tim, Timmy from South Park, Tim the tool man Taylor. LOLOLOL Sometimes I think funny things. LOLOLOLOLOL See if you can futher this rant in your Blog.
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  • Kelly Smith Tim Meadows....Tim Reid....Tim Daly....There are all sorts of funny Tim's

There's Tim the dentist from Seinfeld... Oh, and did I mention the bartender at my beloved karaoke bar is named Tim-eh?  He's awesome!  So is the KJ (karaoke jockey, for the uninitiated) there; Bruce.  I have some great friends, truly...  I'm feeling the love today.

BTW, I meant to mention before that the Teriyaki Chicken bowls at JitB are pretty damn tasty!  There's a decent amount of meat and veggies that goes well with some very tender, but not mushy rice!  The sauce itself is delicious and only slightly excessive in volume.  It's probably perfect for the average person...

The nice lady at the drive-through rec'd the chicken...

It was surprisingly lean chicken too!  ...the odd part to me, though, was the presence of a Teriyaki sauce container and soy sauce packet that came with the meal.  I mean, do people REALLY need to add to the sugar and salt content in this thing?  It has a heart logo next to it on the menu, for crying out loud!

I would have sworn this thing was green...

That's really not much of a rant, is it?

Oh hey! Look!  Tim Minchin!!!!  (NSFW and not just because he says "perineum" too)

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