Friday, January 14, 2011

Memories are fonder because we take the present for granted

I remember the sound of the ice cracking...

After an ice storm over night...the next day, you go outside while the sun reaches the apex and creepy, yet cool :)

Ah, the contrast...

So many fun memories from living in Missouri...

...seeing the trees coated in glistening layers of ice. Listening to the delicate sound of snow landing on snow...watching sheets of ice/snow fly off of cars on the highway (scary!)...attacking the layer of ice on your car so you can get the door open and start warming it up...sliding around a turn and waiting to regain control of your car...carving out chunks of snow from the car and pushing them off to go PHOOMP onto the ground... making tiny snowmen on your patio/deck railing...identifying wildlife footprints...

When there's this much snow, you can't resist doing this...


...speaking of memories.

I was going through a catalog today that sold stuff that you could put your business/organization logo on.  You know, coffee mugs, keychains, highlighters, etc...  It made me all nostalgic for when I was a kid and my obsession with school supplies began.

It all started with a triangular/tri-color highlighter from my step-dad... You see, he was a school administrator and would go to these conventions where different school-related companies gave out a bunch of freebies with their logos on em...


AHEM.  ...cough, cough*  I'm okay.

...also, I remember with great fondness the pencil dispenser in my elementary school.

It looked just like this! And so did I!

And they came with really cool pencils like these!

They were particularly clever and would toss in the occasional Yikes! pencil.  Talk about legalized gambling for minors...  Those guys sure had soft wood.  I remember the ribbed ones being painful to write with for long... [totally unintentional entendres!]


And remember getting those cheap-ass art kits?  So much fun to imagine the amazing things you would create with these things!  I always coveted mine and barely used them... And the markers would dry out and you'd always make a MESS with the craypas things or whatever...

I had this exact same art kit as a kid!

Of course, organizing by color was/is always the first step to responsible art supply ownership.  I'm an odd combination of creative and anal-retentive/"left brained."

...and there really isn't a better visual stimulation for me than to walk into the orgy of color known as an art supply store.  It's colorful AND organized!

Actually titled "Art Supply Porn"  !!! ^_^

In summary - I love rainbow colors and office supplies...I think I'm going to go masturbate to google image searches now...

Mmmm, yeah.  Momma like...

Colored pencils really are my favorite... Shhhh, don't tell the others.


  1. When my son saw that first photo, he said, "Hey, there's our house". That's exactly what our trees looked like today.

    Oh, and the art supplies. We go to the Opus store and wander around. Both of my sons like to create art, which gives me an excuse to buy them things like Sharpie paint markers, airbrush paint in opalescent colours, and super fine ink pen sets. You can draw in infinitely tiny detail with those pens. The Sharpie paint markers are used to decorate things like the back of the door in the bedroom, skateboards, snowboards, the covers of binders. They are so awesome!

  2. You are definitely one cool mom! And I LOVE 0.5 supah-fine colored pens. Used them my last couple years of grad school to make my notes more interesting and keep my brain from leaking out my ears. ^_^

  3. I didn't know we could admit in public to a dirty dirty love of office and art supplies. in fact, i am still skeptical and will admit to no such thing in case there are legal repercussions.

    but i do remember the hunt for more colour. pancil crayons: first a pack of 6, then 12, then 24, then 64, then 128. i just wonder why the break in math patterns? what the hell was wrong with 48? it could have led to 96 then 192. of course, after 128 came computers with 256 colours, and now it's all balderdash with 'millions of colours'. where is the precision, i tell you.

    incidentally, i got a giant eraser for christmas. i never erase and yet i was overjoyed.

    ok, back to my bunk to be naughty while not thinking about art supply porn

  4. I always wondered that too. As I mentioned, I'm the anal-retentive creative type. ^_^

    "Millions," indeed!

    (I have an electric's good for storing AAA batteries)

  5. OK, you just summed up my life, my new FB friend. Great post! (Kerry from FB)