Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's too late!

It's just past midnight!  This is going to be dated for tomorrow!  The horror!!!

BTW, the whole point of yesterday's notes was to expand on them today...  Which I kinda forgot.

Basically, when you go anywhere, being nice to the person serving you generally pays off.

The taint/perineum is my least favorite part of the human body (I don't care how "sensitive" it is!)

And, uh... snow!  In 49 of the 50 or so US states!  And today we had weather around 60 (degrees Fahrenheit)!


No more crap food orgies for me.  Hormones be damned!

(I think I just pissed all over my blog gras format and broke several rules of topics not to talk about, sorry!)

Something to go to sleep by...

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