Friday, January 28, 2011

A Country Song - Cheetos And Cookie Dough

Or maybe that should be "d'oh?"


So there's this crazy shit going on in Egypt.  Curfews, internet shut-off, protest gatherings banned, riots in the streets, people getting shot...

We always like to feel like certain parts of the world have moved past these sorts of things, but that's so obviously not the case.  I mean, we accept the presence of third-world countries.  But someday, they will become first-world ideally, right?  Can you imagine if every country in the world were industrialized and technologically developed like Europe or the U.S.?  We're finally starting to acknowledge the progress of India & China.  Their stories of a "rising middle class" amidst slums and horrible pollution is catching notice.  The U.S. debt to China is a huge elephant in the room.  This seemingly "anti-American" communist state of billions has us by the short and curlies.

In efforts to work toward lowering our debt, talk is being made to reduce and remove our assistance to other countries (like Isreal).  I mean, common sense has been telling us for a good long while to focus on our own problems before trying to fix those of others.  Our country is so much like a young adult.  So judgemental and immature in so many ways...

But hey, I can insult us while enjoying the freedom that is being fought for in Egypt right now.

...I was going to talk about what life was like before the internet, as Egypt is experiencing...but I'll leave it to the imagination of you, dear reader. (Tip of the Hat to Stephen King...and Stephen Colbert).

Plenty of people have very limited computer/internet usage.  People like me are complete addicts.  Part of me would like to be forced away for awhile... But freedom of choice makes us grow up and become mature adults...

I just hope our government keeps that in mind.  Help us, but don't hinder our growth as a nation.  Please.


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