Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's gotta be hard to come up with the title of a show.

My question to you...  Have you seen this (made for tv?) movie thing called "In Her Line of Fire?"

I see that it came out a few years ago... and I'm intrigued because I love Mariel Hemingway.

I mean, really...have you seen Sex Monster??

Plus it has lesbian content!  (As you can possibly discern from the scene clip above)  I'm all about great exposure, if it's handled well...

Speaking of which.  I've also just learned about a certain porn star called Nina Hartley!  Not that I'm very up on the porn world, but she is one hot "older" woman!  See evidence below:

Exhibit A

You can certainly find all sorts of interesting stuff on YouTube...  Not as much as you used to thanks to how much censoring for copyright and such they do now.

I guess there's something wrong with me because I like women who are 10-20 years older than me.

Any thoughts?  No "mom" fetish theories, please.

Also, don't forget to tell me your take on that Mariel H. movie...

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