Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yes, That IS What It's All About

Yay!  I officially missed a whole day, yesterday!

I have finally marred my "perfect streak" and can relax about posting everyday!

You know, that's part of the reason why I like used cars.  I canNOT keep anything perfect for long.  Plus it's so stressful!  I realize many people take great pride in keeping things in pristine condition, but I'm just too klutzy to manage that.

If you're wondering where I was last night, the answer is amazingly dull.

 No, seriously, this is a musical skirt.  Shoot me now., I found one of those "Free" (unless you want full functionality) MMORPG's last night and got sucked in!  I was up until 3 am, which wasn't smart considering I had plans to head down to Santa Cruz at 9am.

Why yes, there are lots of pretty colors in this game... ^_^

So my day today was much more interesting.  Visited the famous Dharma's for brunch, popped into Starz Cupcakes (they have a couple varieties of gluten-free ones usually) and then up to home-turf for a movie!  And no, I'm not gluten free, my partner-in-crime is, though I was for a short bit and should probably go that direction again because I felt much better, health-wise, though I have no allergy to wit. (blah blah blah)

The movie was The King's Speech and while it did drag on a tad, it was a very entertaining film.  You definitely felt for the characters and I love Geoffrey Rush & Colin Firth, so it was great.

          Indentured Servitude, indeed!

There's a great little article here about how this movie has spiked awareness of stuttering and other speech impediments.

Then on my way home I randomly bumped into a quartet of Brazilians at my local 7-Eleven.  They are visiting our fine state and left San Francisco just this morning.  They had their car broken into, sadly, so I hope I helped raise their opinion of the bay area by helping them figure out their GPS & advising them of where to get a cheap hotel and entertainment for the evening...

If they call me to show them the local gay karaoke bar, I will update this post.  If not, I shall sulk a tad and resume playing Wizard 101!

...remember back when I said that there are so many subgroups of people that you likely know nothing about and yet have an entire world of their own?  In the case of MMORPGs, this is literally the case.  

Most participants aren't this fanatical, fortunately.

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