Monday, January 17, 2011

Make it simple, to last your whole life long...

I had written some stuff tonight, on my ipod touch...called "blog from my ipod touch"...while I was at karaoke (my monday ritual for the past few months).

But it was all so bitchy, I just can't post it here.

Mostly I said people have too many kids = overpopulation = too many damn people at the karaoke place = me having to wait 500 hours between songs!

And yes, transvestites singing a capella can get old quick.


In health-related news:

Eating / drinking things with artificial sweeteners confuses your brain.  (this started a bit of a discussion on FB, so I'd like to post it here as well).

"Ingestion of artificial sweeteners still initiates an insulin response from the pancreas as a means of inducing carbohydrate metabolism. Since artificial sweeteners provide no carbohydrate value, insulin levels remain high, leading to hypoglycemia and increased hunger. This interference with appetite control mechanisms can lead to overconsumption of food at the next meal. The correlation between artificial sweeteners and increased food intake may indicate that their use is not supportive in weight management protocols."


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