Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bad Girls Are Coming - Damn!

According to this:

The chick is called Doda and she's from Poland.  The "Bad Girls" trailer part?  I don't quite know what to tell you there, but the wings she sprouted were pretty damn cool.

I think it's pretty fascinating to look at current pop music from other countries to kinda get a feel for how different or similar we may or may not be.  That's how I discovered Muse a few years ago and recently Mumford and Sons.  (Not be confused with Sanford and Sons, of course).

I really love Muse.  They are one of the groups that helped get me through some serious studying time during my grad school years.  And they came out with a new album last year with the best damn album cover ever!

See both here:

I remember, about the same time as when I discovered Muse, I also found this wicked music video for Jet's "Look What You've Done."

Watch for the evil forest critters:

Pretty sad that I titled this "Bad Girls" and yet these groups are all guys.

Does anyone else notice how little you see women music groups?  Why is this?  Really?

Okay, so, to get this back on track, I must pay homage to Pink.

Seriously badass:




There are way too many awesome Pink songs.

Remember this one?

So much passion...

Watching her performance at the Grammys last year was absolutely breath taking.  Can you imagine having been in the audience and getting little droplets of Pink on you?  Heehee

Makes me think of another outstanding performance at the same show last year... (and another "Bad Girl," who I have previously mentioned):

This performance was so happy-making.  I love when she flings her glasses off stage, presumably because she couldn't see her idol across the way properly.  Did you notice they left a clear path through those mannequin arms?  <can't believe I just spelled mannequin correctly at my first attempt>

I know I posted to the Bad Romance video already, so I'll just throw in one other little video that seemed to create some

Most of this stuff is NSFW, obviously.  And if you're watching music videos while at work, you must have some decent privacy and headphones, or you work at home.  If the latter is true, I'm equally jealous and impressed by your time-management skills. ;)

I love it when women kick ass.  Too bad it's still so shocking.

Hard to think that it hasn't been that long since the right to vote was FOUGHT for and barely won... And still so many women don't bother to vote or pay attention to politics.

How else are we going to increase our numbers in government?

.... I know, I know.  Patience.

Hey Look!  It's Hilary Kick-Ass Clinton on the Grammys!

"The arts are not a luxury, but a necessity."

Hell, yeah.

[Note - All of those Pink songs are from 2006 and later.  I have to point out that the 2001 Mizunderstood album which has a great collection in it (including Just Like A Pill, Don't Let Me Get Me & Let's Get This Party Started) was her first major album in my life.  She's been going strong 10 years already!  Family Portrait made quite an impression on me back then...]

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