Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Never Worship People

There's a fine line between looking up to someone and idolizing them.  We must always remember that people are human and quite fallible.  They will always disappoint if you think they are perfect.

I used to think that the secret to impressing people was to set low expectations in the first place.  Until I realized I didn't impress myself at all.  Once it hit me that it was more important to be able to be proud of myself, regardless of what others thought, my motivations in life changed drastically.

While I still have plenty of moments of insecurity, they're gradually being outspoken by this other introverted side.  I judge things more by my own set of rules instead of looking for outside approval.

I still crave human interaction, though.  We are social creatures, of course, and I am very much so.  Of course, there is an ever-present need for privacy and solitude.  While I feel this makes me some sort of Bi-Polar, I also feel that it is a very natural human condition.  The push/pull of need/want for quiet solitude versus stimulating socialization is always teetering in the balance.

Thanks, Jan, for making me think of this song:


  1. most of the time, when i think i need to lower expectations for other people, what i really need to do is poke myself in the eye and then get better at seeing/listening to the people i encounter. it would almost be an epiphany or eureka, except, as an ape, I don't have great retention skills, so I learn this over and over again. or rather, i learn it occasionally, the rest of the time i spend in solitude, which as you say, has it's upsides.

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