Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's hard not to use song lyrics sometimes

Heading out for the weekend.  Yay chorus retreat!

I hope the cat (Dante) doesn't destroy my room while I'm gone.

Any suggestions to make sure a cat doesn't miss you so much?  There's even a kitten to play with in the house!  Though, that's possibly part of the problem anyway.


Anyone notice that NBC & Comcast have been told they could merge by DC?

Monopolies do not equal capitalism!

....have you figured out that I'm a liberal yet?

I mean, I am not a wealthy person and yet, I tip, I "leave a penny," I give money to homeless & try to help my friends out when I can...

The money-loving type of Republicans that I run into seem to think I'm some naive idiot to bother helping others.

....though I guess, if you've never needed help from others to survive, you haven't learned that kind of humility & have no reason to be compassionate to others in that situation.

Everyone should have to go through living at "poverty" level for a year.  (In this country, I'd call that less than 30k per year...really 20k, honestly...)


Shit, I've not been witty at all tonight.  ...though I did hilariously keep trying to type "whity" instead of witty ...and I've definitely been whity.  *chuckles*

Oh yeah.  I need a picture or video or something to entertain me!

Catch ya in a few days!

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