Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cleanliness not akshully godly...

Catching up on laundry today (since my travels over the holiday) made me realize something.

I'm totally OCD about some things.

I totally do this.

As for laundry... Every time I tell myself that folding my underwear is a complete waste of time, I immediately revert back to folding it the next time I do laundry.  I tell myself that it's because it all fits better/takes up less room when it's folded.

But secretly?

Secretly I like to make each pair of underwear match the next pair in the stack by color or design...

So I'll put the purple stripes next to the purple solid next to the blue solid next to the blue polka dots and so on.

At least I've gotten better about my sock obsessions.  Now I just sort by type and start pairing them off.  I usually manage to avoid trying to pair each sock to the one that looks similarly worn/stained/stretched, etc... Today was a success in that venture.

I'm not one of those people who iron everything though.  I don't iron anything.  I just hang up my nice shirts and pants as soon as they come out of the dryer, and they're usually good.  I mean, they're not perfectly unwrinkled, but it gives the shirt texture...right?

Cuz it's so warm!
I'm also anal about doing the dishes.  I'm am one of those people who wash the top and bottom of the plates/bowls/skillets...  I wash every piece of silverware separately...handles too...

And putting them into the drainer is my favorite part!

So here's my dishwashing break down:

1 - Organize all the dishes in the sink... plates stacked with bowls on top. Glasses/cups off to the side with silverware and soapy water in them.

2 - Bowls go into the drainer first...then plates... then cups and random tupperware on top of everything.

3 - You have to make sure the tupperware with edges are tilted sufficiently so water doesn't collect at the lips

4 - Silverware last, in it's own side thing...knives facing down and away from the front of the counter...

5 - Forks and spoons alternate so they are properly spaced for drying and don't get stuck together!

(I'm rather embarrassed at how excited I got thinking about my dish-washing process)

...'course this is all moot now.  My new place only has a dishwasher  I was so pissed when the dish-drainer was unceremoniously tossed in the trash (destroyed, even, by the hormonally-challenged pregnant woman of the house).  This was a full week before the dishwasher even appeared!  Even now, I'd much rather use my hands than have my damn dishes come out all white and crusty looking!!!

....*pant pant pant*...

I'm okay, really...

So that's where the white crusty stuff comes from...?

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