Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just enough to make a mess.

With all I know about the human body, it still amazes me that someone can get shot in the head and survive.

I can't not talk about today's shooting, I'm sorry.  Might be a tad maudlin.

While it's virtually impossible not to consider the political connotations of this action, I can't help but try to imagine the flip side.  Who would we be blaming if it were a Republican group that got attacked?

Aside from all that, I know this topic will be hashed and rehashed, ad nauseum, for the next week or so.  I look forward to finding out more.

...I really hope this does put the final nail in Palin's Post-TLC-Flop Coffin.


On an aside... Yes, flocks of birds and tons of fish are being found in dead clusters across the country.  My understanding is that it's a normal thing that happens from time to time.

...hard not to feel a little disquieted, though.


Oh, hey look!  Kittens!

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