Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're all getting old(er). Music and Movies are still the same.

Technology makes us all feel old because it changes so much so quickly.  Can we all agree on this and stop saying "Oh I feel old. I played with a Nintendo back when four 3.5" disks were required to install something on your PC."  Yeah, we called them "PCs" back then too.

*hobbles around on cane*



People also like to bitch about new music. 

There is literally (<--- accurate use of the word) very little creatively to be done with music.  (they've actually researched this using statistics or something...I'll Google it shortly to link)

Movies and TV too, I would postulate.

I mean, think about it... Movies/Television and modern (rock/pop) music are only 60-70 years old. Lets be generous and say 100.  Media as we know it is liess than 100 years old. There are still people alive who were born before television sets entered the home.

In another 50 years (or less), we'll be marveling that there are people alive who were born before computers entered the home. (I was right on the cusp of that b/c my dad was a programmer and had a Commodore 64 that I got to play with when I was 5 & up.)

It's a good perspective to take...

But in that 100 years, we've used nearly every available idea that's humanly possible.  Aside from adding new technology (electric instruments and CGI), the storylines and melodies are still in the same family.

Now obviously there were playwrights and composers doing their thing hundreds of years ago.  And presumably cavemen tapping rocks with sticks and pantomiming their latest hunt for the rest of their posse thousands of years ago...

How much do you bet they managed to get "Three Blind Mice" or "Chopsticks" out of a reed flute?  Or expressed their undying love (albeit it primative, presumably) to another with flowers and comedic struggles?  "Til death do us part" would be a much smaller commitment back then. lol

But the bottom line?

We love new forms of familiar feelings.  I present you this; my life-long thesis... Music is crack.  We get a nice comfortable buzz from the old favorites, but there's nothing like the thrill of new words and voices behind a familiar code.

We are still cavemen with sticks.  We just have a lot of history to compare to now.  Be in the moment as much as you can.

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