Thursday, December 30, 2010

Every Song Starts With A Count

Today's Theme Intro - Bonnie Tyler's Going Through The Motions - "one two three four, one two..."

Thanks be to Allie at for the inspiration to try out this whole blog scene.

I really love Allie's doodles that she inserts in her postings.  They certainly make for more interesting reading.  And to think, I just gave away my little Wacum tablet that I owned.  Perhaps I'll doodle on paper and take pictures of em with my cell.  Then I can have really horrible quality images!  What do you think?

See, the thing is, I doodle things that don't make sense.  Like this:

I'll leave it smaller than original size, because it looks better that way.  If you notice the name in it, that's because this was dedicated to the guy who showed me this kind of drawing.  He fills entire pages with repeating patterns of all sorts.  I always found it hypnotic.

I think I'll stop here, because you gotta start somewhere, but it's good not to overdo it your first time and pull a muscle.  Or something like that.

Ranting to come, I promise.

" and out and out and in and up and down and all around..."

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I used to be more regular, but now I tend to go in bursts and splashes.

    Meg (One of your FB friends)