Thursday, December 30, 2010

Money Makes The World Go Around...

Ahhh...another Favorite Movie - Cabaret

So today I filled out an application for Safeway, the main grocery chain in this part of the country. It would technically be my 3rd job, if I get it.

What are my other 2 jobs, you eagerly ask?  Well that's a long story, of course.  But long stories generally make for good blog-fodder (or so I've been told).  'Course I could save the long version for another time... Which I think might be a good idea in this case.  The last 5 years of my life will wait.  Sorry, didn't mean to get your hopes up.

The short answer - I work as a chiropractic assistant and I tutor the chiropractor's daughter in physics and algebra.  VoilĂ !

To further clarify; yes, I am a chiropractor, but I'm still waiting on passing the final board exam before I can apply for my license.  I graduated from college (after 4 years) in June of 2010.

Have I mentioned yet that I know all the words to American Pie?

For point of reference, there's a lot more to that song than just the death of those three musicians.

It's always good to have a solid point of reference, don't you think?  I mean...if you saw a picture of a chihuahua and you had never seen a chihuahua before... Well, first off, you'd probably pronounce it "chee who ah who ah" ...assuming it had a caption describing the breed.  But then, you'd have no idea it's a tiny dog!  Now, if there was a big old doberman next to it, then you'd be like "A-HA! That's a TINY dog!"  Moment of revelation and your life is changed completely.  Well, in regards to the dog world, at least...

BTW, in starting this blog-thing, I am reminded of something I just recently learned (like, yesterday).  It is now more correct to only put one space after the end of a sentence.   ....I'll let that sink in a bit...


Yeah.  Not two spaces anymore.  One.  *eyes my sentences*  Well, how the bloody hell am I going to change a 30 year old habit?  Okay okay...25 year habit?  ARGH!

Wait, wait... you probably want a reference, proof of my statement, evidentiary type thing, right?

Well, I'll google for you...lazy bastard.     ----> BAM! ...and MLA! (see "space after punctuation" at top)


Sometimes I'm compelled to actually laugh out loud when I type "lol" so that I'm not lying.

Is it weird that I like to put salami on nachos(e)?
(I also like to warm up the sliced salami (or salame) and then blot the greasy stuff out of it)

....more to come.

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