Thursday, December 30, 2010

(ideas for future witty rants)

[Should I post this list?  I don't want to give away too much... But then again, maybe it's exciting to see what's to come?  I dunno, you tell me.  This is now my "breaking the fourth wall" font and color.]

Boy, you get some interesting images when you search google for "breaking the fourth wall."


Tattoos and Piercings (and implants) oh my!

Typos vs Spelling monstrosities

How far does one go in a blog?

Exes not in Texas...

Mandatory Sex Parties -

What did I just text that person? (12 hours ago?)

Cat-pee shrubs and Hedge apples

Politics and Man of the Year

Dates and other natural disasters (I'm assuming this will be a future topic)

Prison rape and kittens ...equally funny?

Nachos(e), puppy chow and other foods I could eat all day

Anatomy and doodling... for doodling's sake

Crumbs, cat scratches, and other annoying things that are worth the trade off...

Jumping off bridges and other fun injury stories...

Creative product wrappers (kisses and such)

Individual packaging waste...

Gummy bears.

Juggling, nostril flaring and other useful skills

Heat vs Ice... stretch AFTER you exercise...

Albinos in movies and the Bechdel Test


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